An Ideal Maid Of Honor Speech

Published: 19th April 2010
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Most of the maids of honor are totally petrified by the idea of having to give the maid of honor speech. However, there is no reason to have a anxiety attack about it. If you follow certain tips you can definitely come up with an excellent speech.

Like any other speech, you should begin by introducing yourself as not everyone in the audience will be expected to know you and your relation with the bride. You should also mention the time period for which you have been acquainted with the bride. If you are one of the bride's childhood friends, you will have surely had a long past and many bittersweet experiences with the bride. You could always describe the day you first met and mention some funny incidents. However make sure that you do not mention any things which cause any discomfort or embarrassment to the couple or any of the guests present. Also ensure that you do not mention any of the bride or the groom's past relationships as the past is long gone and they are actually embarking on a new journey in life together.

While you do want your speech to be touching and emotional, you should also include some funny moments in the speech. However make sure the comic story you use is appropriate and no one will be offended. Also make sure it is quite simple and easy to understand. Make sure that your speech is positive and sends out optimistic feelings towards the bride and the groom. You can always wish the couple a bright and loving future together and bless them for the many future years ahead of them.

It should be noted that practicing your speech is essential and you can even have some friends listen to it so that they can give you some feedback or advice. Practicing will also make you more comfortable and confident for delivering the maid of honor speech.

I was recently a Maid Of Honor for my sister and had to give a Maid Of Honor Speech. If you want to know more about how to give the perfect wedding speech, please visit my Maid Of Honor Speech blog.

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